Creat International Biological Development Center

In Middle (Chengdu) international bio-pharmaceutical industry development forum, Cuban biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry groups signed a cooperation agreement with the Chengdu Hi-tech Zone, Chengdu and several well-known biopharmaceutical companies. The same day, a total of 20 billion yuan in Chengdu High-tech Zone (Middle) biological industry leading fund established officially inaugurated, marking the Chengdu cooperation with Cuba in the field of bio-pharmaceutical industry has made new substantive progress.

Cuban biotechnology from the 1960s to the 1970s started in recent years, clinical diagnosis, biopharmaceuticals outstanding, has the world’s leading technology and achievements in vaccines, interferon and monoclonal antibodies, and other fields.

October 2015, Chengdu Mayor Tang Liang Chi led his unit visit to Cuba, visited Cuba Pharmaceutical Group President Carlos, Cuba hopes the two sides to jointly promote biomedical research and development results, and new medical technology into the team in Chengdu. December 2015, assistant mayor of Chengdu, Han Chunlin led the team to visit Cuba during the Chengdu Hi-tech Zone in Havana with the Cuban Pharmaceutical Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, agreed to build a biomedical industry park, joint research and development center, co-sponsored biomedical industry Forum and other cooperation matters. The forum, the two sides signed a cooperation agreement to further clear the joint patent portfolio development, the establishment of industrial investment funds and other details of cooperation.

January 2016, the Chengdu Municipal Government Deputy Secretary-General Qiu Haiming led the team to visit Cuba during the Chengdu Hi-tech Zone biomedical companies Austrian students, AMS Medical Group with Cuba on the new vaccine research and development production, sales and other items superconducting MRI system We reached a consensus. The forum, the two sides signed a cooperation agreement, seek complementary resources, powerful combination, bigger and stronger in the areas of strength.

The Prospects of Biological Drugs

It is understood that Shineway mainly for the elderly medication, children’s medication, antiviral drugs target the three major high-growth markets, focusing on the development of modern medicine new dosage forms, new products, the formation of modern Chinese medicine injections, soft capsules Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine granules agent three formulations featuring powerful advantage portfolio. In the earnings report, these three are the advantages of portfolio fell. Injection turnover down 18% over last year, about 250 million yuan; soft capsule fell 18.3%, from about 95 million yuan; granules turnover decreased by 7% over last year, or about 97 million yuan.

Statistics show that around Shineway large health strategy layout downstream business, the business has covered traditional Chinese medicine research and development, production, sales, electricity providers and formulation particles. In 2015 the company through the acquisition of Beijing million Ritter Biological Pharmaceutical Co. thus involved in biopharmaceuticals; the same year also set up a formula granule Division, Chinese medicine granules projects in full production by 2015, and listed as the only company in Hebei Province Chinese medicine granules manufacturer.

In response, Beijing Dingchen Medical Consulting Center for Shili Chen said Shineway currently belong to the transition phase, the performance decline, it is normal, but the transition is not the main reason for the decline in corporate performance, mainly due to the company’s main business poor sales and the shrinking core business market.

In fact, the decline in performance is a continuation of the 2015 trend of decline in performance. The company’s 2015 operating income decreased by 7.8% over the previous year; net profit fell 6.7%. Among them, injection products fell 13.4%. Although Shineway in the announcement of the injection sales fell explanation given is “subject to the tender bids influence”, but industry sources said, do not rule out Chinese medicine injections in the hospital to bring down the amount of sales impact.

Pharmaceutical Logistics Faces More Challenges

Yesterday, reporter learned from the Commerce Department, sales of cold medicines province of more than 8 billion yuan, accounting for 25% of overall drug sales, which is the province of the pharmaceutical cold chain logistics requirements are also gradually increase, while facing the pharmaceutical cold chain logistics quality management unprecedented opportunities and challenges.

Reporters learned that, as vaccines, blood, biological agents and other pharmaceutical products market continued to expand cold chain, cold medicines province sales also rose. According to statistics, sales of the drug reached the province a year more than 330 billion yuan, sales of cold medicines approximately 25% of total pharmaceutical sales, whereby the province pharmaceutical cold chain logistics needs is vast, there is a huge potential for development.

According to the provincial Food and Drug Administration released the province’s 10 public medical institutions essential medicines distribution enterprises drugs the cool 190,000 square meters, 13,000 m3 cold storage of drugs, drug freezer 600 m3, 50 refrigerated trucks , portable incubator 450. Where the province’s largest pharmaceutical third party logistics enterprises have 10 cold storage, nearly 3,000 cubic meters, six refrigerated trucks.

Analysis Department of Commerce that the current pharmaceutical cold chain logistics in our province there are still many problems, such as cold chain system is not perfect, hardware facilities are backward, lack of talent, the market is low, cold chain technology, cold chain facilities, cold chain operations and management level is relatively low, the cold chain to keep up with the level of service and other shortcomings and deficiencies.

In the pharmaceutical cold chain infrastructure, the province of pharmaceutical companies transport drugs commonly used in small quantities, multi-batch, it is difficult to carry out a certain size Cargo, the biggest problem facing the pharmaceutical cold chain logistics is difficult to transport, distribution difficult, especially small city , with pharmaceutical cold chain logistics business conditions less cold chain facilities, inadequate, insufficient logistics and cold chain equipment.