CFDA Regulates Medical Enterprises More Hardly

Clinical trials of self-examination, verification and anxiety in the industry questioned vigorously promote and usher in the climax of the withdrawal of drug registration, as of March 1, 2016, document number 1622 in the 1171 Drug application for registration has been withdrawn by the applicant registration, accounting 72.2% of the total number of self-examination, another 24 drug registration application CFDA disapproval, accounting for 1.5% of the total self-examination.

On March 28, 2016, CFDA promulgated the “drug clinical trial data verification procedures (provisional)”, self-examination and clinical trials into the normalization. April 29, 2016, CFDA publish the results of the third round of review, there are seven companies six drug applications not approved registration, no CRO enterprises to enter the list. Three down and review, a total of 30 pharmaceutical companies to apply for registration 29 products for various reasons will not be approved.

Event Comments: This is a crisis for the CRO business, it is a challenge and an opportunity. As medical research Haitong think, CRO industry is in the worst of times, it was the best of times. Clinical trials of self-examination in 2016 will gradually normalized, and the resulting short-term clinical trials institutions underpowered, but with the gradual elimination of the impact, with the resource advantages of clinical trials Clinical CRO companies will benefit from the recovery priority growth industry.

The “Connect All” Mode of Medical Service Sales

Internet is to “connect all” Thunder trend sweeping the industry, redefining the whole industry, but the medical retail industry under the wave of the Internet has become a little perturbed. The reason is because the drugs are a special commodity, as a related management system based on walls erected a road policy, a moment so that no network is not broken “Internet +” short period of time is difficult to lose ground in the pharmaceutical retail industry.

But with China’s medical system reform and openness pharmaceutical market continues to deepen, “China’s pharmaceutical retail market has come to the Internet under a vent trillion market”, 111 medicine shops and De Sheng Tang says founder Longyan “Internet + traditional medicine retail giant, is a great challenge, but also a huge market opportunity, how to use the Internet + philosophy and technology upgrading our own commercial genetic achieve seamless online and offline cohesion, to provide customers with more extreme health products and services, we are able to forge ahead and not critical scattered by the wind! ”

Longyan is to say, he was at the helm of 111 pharmaceutical Pavilion de Tong is doing. May 2016 7 13:11, 111 Pharmaceutical Museum De Sheng Tang formally signed Mr. Movie Star Ho Cheng Jun, released to upgrade the brand strategy, shows the determination of 111 medicine shops and De Sheng Tang Guru Internet + pharmaceutical retail industry, confidence and strength.

Signed endorser, upgrade brand image and increase the various types of media advertising, strengthening brand awareness, which is behind the Longyan and his 111 plan of the Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine “pharmacy ecological blueprint” Construction has been formed. From the 1.0 version of the traditional medicine retail stores, fast iteration to version 4.0 pharmacy Ecology, 111 medicine museum always skating on thin ice, the continuous integration of the Internet, mobile Internet genes, a breakthrough self-innovation business model, its chain of retail pharmacies is also to achieve a “traditional stores burden mode “to” Internet advantage + mode “, the enterprise value of 111 pharmaceutical museum also further release and revaluation.

Narcotic drugs were Not Allowed to Sale Any More

Narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and other special drugs, strict regulatory requirements, such enterprises must sell in the designated area can not be illegal cross-regional operation. Tianrun Nanjing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. recently convicted of breaching the provisions of the Provincial Food and Drug Administration interviews. Provincial Food and Drug Administration also issued a notice requiring local regulatory authorities for special drug delivery, sales, use and other aspects to carry out a comprehensive investigation.

Provincial Food and Drug Administration official said earlier this year, Fuyang City Food and Drug Administration department in the daily supervision and inspection found that the territorial jurisdiction of the Hefei owned Nanjing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Tianrun, without the approval of cross-regional sales of narcotic drugs. Although small in number and amount, but the dangers of this violation can not be discounted, to bring supervision difficult, and easy to produce special drugs abuse.

To strengthen the supervision of special drugs, special drugs from pharmaceutical channels to prevent the loss and misuse of the provincial Food and Drug Administration requires all regulatory authorities of the drugs supply, sales, use and other aspects to carry out a comprehensive investigation, supervision within the jurisdiction of narcotic drugs and psychotropic drugs regional wholesalers, conscientiously fulfill the responsibility for the drug area for drugs duties are not allowed to cross-regional sales without approval.