Big Deal Made by Dongcheng Pharmacy Company

Company intends to 31,500 million price issue of shares and payment of cash to buy a 70% stake in Thai Biological its total holdings to Xinde Fang, Xinli Kun and other eight individuals. Equity and cash to purchase issued shares held by a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hong Kong-East, after the completion of the acquisition, biological and Thailand will become a subsidiary of Hong Kong-East. At the same time, 83.5% stake in the company to 6,513 million copper prices XINGPENG issue of shares and payment of cash benefits to buy their holdings of Thai medicine, after the completion of the acquisition, the benefits of Thai medicine will become a subsidiary of East-medicine.

In order to improve the integration of performance, the company intends to not more than 10 other specific investors to issue shares to raise matching funds 38,000 yuan, the total funds raised matching assets to be purchased does not exceed 100% of the transaction price. Issued shares to buy assets and raise matching funds are the reserve price 36.21 yuan / share.

The issue of shares and payment of cash to acquire a 70% stake in Thai biology and the acquisition of 83.5% stake in Thai medicine are not mutually beneficial premise implementation of any transaction does not affect the implementation of another transaction. The restructuring does not constitute a major asset restructuring.

Unsafe Slimming Pills could Not be Taken

Based on our years of experience in handling cases, this immediately so that the Bureau Inspection Brigade Rapid Response: The requirement to provide whistleblower suit slimming capsules and immediately sent sample test; contact the public security organs to identify early intervention network sales of the diet pills.

On March 8, City Drug formal inspection report, inspection of packaged products including slimming capsules potent Cellulite capsules (SLIM) and Aloe detoxification capsules (SLIM) each bottle in which potent Cellulite capsules (SLIM ) detected sibutramine hydrochloride, aloe detoxification capsules (SLIM) detection phenolphthalein, sibutramine hydrochloride.

“According to China’s relevant regulations, phenolphthalein, sibutramine hydrochloride are the property of prohibited chemicals added ingredients.” Cixi City Market Authority Inspection Brigade captain Zhang said, as prima facie evidence, they immediately contact the public security organs Hemou rental They were examined.

“This is where examination revealed Moumou engaged by mode network platform development agency product distribution activities, the scene seized a total of the above-described potent Cellulite capsules (SLIM) 309 bottles of aloe detoxification capsules (SLIM) 326 bottle.” Zhang said the captain, as do real evidence, they seized on the spot potent Cellulite detoxification aloe capsule and capsule products has conducted a sampling inspection. March 29, the test results came out, once fully consistent with the former.

Hemou informed by the question, these capsules is his privately commissioned “thousands St. Regis Biotechnology Co., Ltd.” Production, each inclusive of a potent Cellulite capsules (SLIM) bottle (400mg * 60 tablets), and aloe detoxification capsules ( SLIM) 1 bottle (400mg * 30 tablets).

Ma’anshan Strikes Out Medical Sales Market

Today, reporters from Ma’anshan City, “2016 Golden Shield II” the basic medical insurance designated retail pharmacies special inspection mobilization meeting that, in order to strengthen Medicare designated retail pharmacy management, standardize Medicare drug market order, following last year’s “Golden Shield One” special inspection , the city will once again start the “Golden Shield II” special inspection in May.

It is understood that the city’s pharmacies excessive regulatory understaffed, few health insurance designated pharmacies to drug medication, drugs to change the phenomenon of substance have occurred. This inspection will be 24 specified diseases pharmacies as regulatory focus, while all the city health insurance designated pharmacies regulatory coverage.

Carry out a special inspection of each inspection activities in the second half, tying efforts focused pharmacy supplies, selling fake or substandard expired drugs to the insured to drug medication, drugs to barter, accounts confusion fourteen kinds of irregularities. For the inspection found problems, the relevant departments of national regulations will be severely punished to the community informed.

Ma’anshan City Medical Injury maternity insurance management service center responsible person briefed reporters that the city is working with commercial insurance companies to develop artificial intelligence Medicare drug sales monitoring platform, through the “screening online, offline review” intensify supervision .