Reboot the System of Electronic Supervision of Medicines

Although the observations made without forcing companies to accept designated professional information technology services companies retroactively, but it does not mean that companies do not need to set up a business traceability system, “draft” clearly “establish the Food and Drug traceability system is the main responsibility of enterprises “at the same time, in the future” flying inspection “, the construction and operation of enterprise traceability system is also available as part of the inspection to follow up.

Clear traceability system is to collect record production, distribution, consumption and other aspects of information, their sources to be investigated, whereabouts can be traced, liability may investigate, effective measures to strengthen the whole process of quality and safety management and risk control. By 2020, the standard planning system has been improved traceability system construction, further improve laws and regulations; national unity shared the blame data exchange mechanisms underlying the formation of the initial realization of the relevant departments, regions and enterprises sharing traceability information exchange;

Specific to pharmaceutical applications (in fact, including medical devices) is required in order to promote all varieties of drugs, the whole process of tracing and supervision as the main content, build a perfect medicines traceability system. Upon completion of drugs of varieties of electronic monitoring, and gradually extended to the drug (wood), Pieces and other types of drugs. Grasp the business aspects of electronic monitoring work full coverage, promote health care information systems and electronic monitoring national drug docking system, the formation of all varieties, the whole process of complete traceability and regulatory chain.

Ali Health Plans to Build Up Third-party Platform for Medical Sales

Following the State Food and Drug Administration issued “Opinions on Further Improvement of the Food and Drug traceability system (draft),” Ali, vice president of health Wangpei Yu announced healthy Ali decided to build an open, market-oriented third-party traceability platform, continue to use its experience and technical capabilities in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtraceability system construction, and regulatory authorities, pharmaceutical companies, industry organizations, third-party technology service providers, and the public together to build a DU anti-counterfeit traceability ecosystem.

“For two years we have invested nearly billion in upgrading electronic drug monitoring network, because we believe that the Internet technology and big data is the most effective means of preventing counterfeit, although having some doubts and obstruction in the process, but we find false medicine ‘trouble’ of early heart has not changed. see the Administration issued a “draft”, we are willing to all sectors of industry and consumers to export our technology and data capability, the establishment of a common public participation, tracked retroactive third party system. “Wangpei Yu said.

Ali is currently planning to build a new health retroactive platform has entered the development phase, the platform version 1.0 is expected to be formally launched after a month. In order to minimize the cost of enterprises settled, the new platform will be fully compatible “Chinese Drug electronic monitoring code” technical standards, as well as former Chinese electronic drug monitoring of Internet medical institutions and pharmaceutical enterprises settled in the new platform free of charge. In addition, within the next three years, replacing Ali charged hair health code assigned to the enterprise, the cost of the flow of inquiries and other basic services retroactively, only charge for data storage, and other interface call technical support costs.

Wangpei Yu said that the retroactive basis to ensure that the new platform’s own technical support costs on the health of Ali will continue to increase investment in technology, and gradually to the code system standard, open interfaces and platform security and many other technical indicators to update and platform lower operating costs, more scalable, more feature-rich. Ali has demonstrated in health drugs electronic monitoring network operation and maintenance of strong technical strength, the report shows that in 2015, after Ali health technology infrastructure reconstruction and optimized drug electronic monitoring network, despite the increase in data than 3 years ago nearly four times the processing speed of the system but instead accelerated twenty times, greatly improving the efficiency and reduce costs.

Two Core Companies Make the Sales of China’s Medicines

We judge our company will be very few high-profit businesses can take-all drug sales, the entire value chain. The company is undergoing major asset restructuring, the company’s main business will focus on “Guangdong and Guangxi pharmaceutical distribution” and “National pharmacy” These two high-growth, high valuation of the core areas, two main businesses will promote each other, rely on each other to achieve “1 + 1 is greater than 2” a complete industrial chain advantage. The company will be the biggest beneficiaries of China’s pharmaceutical sub-sector, grading clinics, hospitals, drug control and accounting reform zero profit drug and other bonuses. We think: My drug sales chain will tend to flatten, we are optimistic about the future Sinopharm consistent “FtoC” sales model, we believe that the company has an upstream varieties resources, lower levels of hospitals and retail terminal network terminal advantages, both professional and efficient drugs distribution and management advantages of core competitiveness.

The national comprehensive strength of the strongest, largest sales scale, the only national drug retail giant – National pharmacy will be after the completion of the company reorganization of assets, is injected into the company and the overall A-share market, which will become China’s pharmaceutical retail industry integration, their earnings growth potential and market value huge room for growth. National pharmacy in 2015 sales revenue of about 80 billion yuan, net profit of about 100 million yuan. We conservatively forecast: 2020 NUS pharmacy will receive a 10% market share, 30 billion sales revenue and net profit of 1.8 billion yuan.

The company will use the distribution business in Guangdong and Guangxi National pharmacy retail pharmacies nationwide distribution network, the retail market for distribution nationwide expansion, its growth is expected to exceed 20%. Companies ranked in Guangdong and Guangxi pharmaceutical distribution first leading position, its net sales network already penetrated into all levels of medical institutions. Through this reorganization of assets, the company sold low growth, a controlling stake in the pharmaceutical industry underestimate the value of, and contribute to the overall growth performance of the company’s valuation. Catalyst: NUS pharmacy epitaxial acquisitions. Risk factors: performance below expectations.