Promote the Long Development of Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical companies operating in the electricity business has just started, a lot of medicine and medical vendors to focus on the online business platform construction, and other aspects of the integration of offline channels, efficient medicine and medical resources online and offline collaborative become a force in key areas . But medicine electricity supplier in order to long-term development, to be adhering to the “Five-style” operation, in order to promote the smooth development of their own medicine electricity supplier operations.

Pharmaceutical products as a patient just need the product, the patients themselves for pharmaceutical brands and products the right to choose is very small, it needs to listen to more diagnoses of doctors, treatment guidelines, so as to better relieve pain, reduce suffering, of course, some of the OTC medicines thanks to its relatively mature varieties of disease, patients with symptoms of self-awareness is high and other reasons, its dependence on hospital doctors gradually reduced, even in patients with OTC medicines also hope to effectively guide the doctor. No matter what type of drugs, doctor-patient communication is required through the process, doctors diagnose the patient’s condition requires face to face, and other symptoms, patients need to listen to the doctor’s treatment recommendations, medication guidance, efficient interaction between doctors and patients is a community medicine electricity supplier one of the key trends of development.

Community doctors and patients have their independence and value demands, more doctors hope patients can describe the condition, symptoms feedback, or customize your own diagnosis, or by team / community joint consultation, to provide better patient better treatment recommendations, provide patients with a variety of treatment methods and medication guide; and more patients want to know the extent of their condition, medication characteristics and adverse reactions, so as to better promote and improve the condition of self-healing.

Community doctors and patients will also influence each other, promote each other. Chinese have a saying called “chronic illness into health,” the patient has been ill for a long time, years of independent clinics at the same time, often in the same disease group discussions help in patients, which will form their own “empirical treatment advocated” , and thus expand the condition with the doctor and discuss treatment options discussed, the doctor must also continue with its interactive, in order to better promote the improvement of the condition, the doctor-patient community can be said to influence each other, promote each other.

Opdivo’s Eighty Percent Sales Comes from the US Market

When the United States and the other a tumor immunotherapy drugs Yervoy (ipilimumab) in the first quarter sales of $ 263 million is only one hundred, down 19%, mainly the drug as monotherapy melanoma, it is currently facing fierce from the Opdivo and Keytruda competition. Currently Opdivo and Keytruda approved in the US, as a first-line treatment of melanoma treatment, Yervoy the face of these two rivals, gradually lost market advantage. This is vividly demonstrated in the highly competitive market of new drugs, even though they have absolutely dominate the market share of the product, it will be latecomers on the replacement position. Therefore, despite the current Bristol in the absolute superiority of the United States PD-1 market, but the future can withstand pressure from other competitors Merck, Roche, AstraZeneca, etc., also need time to verify.

In addition Opdivo, Bristol United States there is a heavy weapon, which is the new oral anticoagulant Eliquis (apixaban). Eliquis is an oral selective factor Xa inhibitor, is a key factor Xa coagulation proteins, by inhibiting factor Xa, Eliquis can reduce the formation of thrombin generation and blood clots. Eliquis is the only type of stroke and systemic embolism, major bleeding, all because of three important prognostic mortality compared with warfarin showed a remarkable reduction in the risk of oral anticoagulants. Bristol-Myers once the drug is set to focus on promoting the new drug company sales to sales in the first quarter, the US does not have the time to live up to the expectations of one hundred. Eliquis (apixaban) sales doubled year on year, reaching $ 734 million, it is currently the drug is the world’s oldest 12 oral anticoagulant market.

The total US cardiovascular market sales of $ 46 billion, 47% of the share from the Bayer / Johnson & Johnson’s Xarelto (rivaroxaban), Boehringer Ingelheim’s Pradaxa (dabigatran) and Daiichi Sankyo’s Savaysa (edoxaban) in atrial fibrillation venous thromboembolism and other aspects of the market indications contribution.

Opdivo and Eliquis Both drugs sales rose to some extent offset the schizophrenia medication Abilify (aripiprazole) a sharp decline in sales caused by the loss. Abilify (aripiprazole) in sales from $ 554 million a year ago decline to $ 33 million. In addition, colon cancer drugs Erbitux (cetuximab) franchise return Eli Lilly, Bristol-Myers and is also for the loss of sales area.

Traditional Drugs were Sold More Steadily

Hengrui Medicine (600276CH / RMB 47.02, not rated) released the 2015 results and analyst conference held today. Henry has an excellent R & D capabilities, a number of heavy and layout of globalization in the research reserve drugs, the pharmaceutical industry is the Chinese leader.

Sound performance in 2015, 2015 revenue grew 25.01% to 9.316 billion yuan, owned by the parent net profit rose 43.28 percent to 2.172 billion yuan. Excluding one-time items, net extraordinary items rose 45.05% to 2.171 billion yuan. Earnings per share rose 43.34 percent to 1.1149 yuan. Year cash flow from operating activities grew 44.65% to 2.277 billion yuan.

15 In the fourth quarter, the company achieved sales of 2.445 billion yuan, an increase of 24.59%. Owned by the parent net profit rose 50.47 percent to 600 million yuan. Current net profit rose 56.92 percent to 0.592 yuan, the fourth quarter earnings per share of 0.31 yuan.

Traditional drug sales steady, rapid growth of new pharmaceutical drug manufacturing company to achieve steady growth. Wherein the pharmaceutical manufacturing business income reached 9.142 billion yuan. In terms of geographical distribution, the domestic business revenue grew 18.84% to 8.786 billion yuan, higher than the average growth rate of the domestic pharmaceutical industry. Overseas business revenue reached 356 million yuan, up 592.55 percent to achieve explosive growth, mainly due to strong export growth of drug cyclophosphamide (nearly 300 million yuan).