Ali Controls Retail Data

Pushing up costs is the first pharmaceutical retail business pain points of each enterprise. Shandong Shu Yu civilians pharmacy chain Co., Ltd., Li Wenjie said publicly that, if fully implemented Drug Code, which total more than 760 stores in more than 10 million one-time investment.

Cost increases, the efficiency may decrease. Lee can be said, “Unlike the bar code scanning and production batch number, pharmaceutical code scanning is two note two pins, drug storage to sweep, to sweep out the warehouse business; sale to sweep, and then also to the electronic monitoring network and then log off, more troublesome is that each case must be drug sweep, a lot of work. ”

As medicines traceability system, Lee can be explained to reporters, as long as do top-level design, by the original batch of drugs, pharmaceuticals traceability barcode can achieve, no need to do a much needless repetition Drug Code.

However, none of these problems lies the key. Right hand operation code Drug Ali pharmaceutical distribution industry, health is a real apprehension lies.

“If you do not stand out against the strong push Drug Code, there is no prospect of the industry, there is no way out. This is the real reason we want to prosecute.” Lee can be said that if the industry is to master all data a business, but a competitor, the right to life and death on all pinch in the other hand, may at any time by the other party “strangled.”

The Top Ten Pharmaceutical Drugs Sold Out in Market

Recently, the China Pharmaceutical Technology Development Center issued the “2015 national sample of hospital drug procurement list” for 2015 national hospital procurement varieties made a detailed analysis of the situation, at the same time, in order to show you all the key categories of the top ten pharmaceutical sales variety, the overall purchases of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies and so on.

Although the pharmaceutical industry has been hailed as a sunrise industry will never decline, but in recent years, was frequently broke poison capsule, drug recall, sector bribery, fraud and other negative news clinical data to the pharmaceutical industry sounded the alarm, plus various policies introduced one by one, the pharmaceutical industry is also faced with the most severe reorganization.

Turbulent, ups and downs, the pharmaceutical industry ushered in a major change in 2015, a number of large pharmaceutical industry incident caused shock. As on “Thirteen Five” turning point, we take a look at the hospital pharmaceutical market in 2015, which has made achievements.

According to the report, in 2015 the national growth rate of 6.5 per cent of hospital medicine, although the relative growth rate of 16.2% in 2012 has slowed, but still maintained a more than 5% growth. Tertiary hospital as a hospital terminal’s main market, its growth trend with the national hospital treatment consistent with the 2015 growth rate of 6.6%.

Drug classification according to statistics, is still a systemic anti-infectives, anti-tumor and immunomodulatory agents, digestive and metabolic medicine, the top three, the three categories of drugs accounted for nearly half of the market as evidenced by three pharmaceutical market demand great.

State-owned Hospitals Sell Cheap Drugs

As an important part of health system reform to deepen the reform of public hospitals has been widespread concern in the community. Jinan public hospitals how to change, how to change? Recently, the General Office of Jinan Municipal Government issued the “deepening of Jinan City public hospital comprehensive reform plan” gives the answer. Reporters learned that the full implementation phase of the reform this year from May to December. Among them, from the beginning of May, Jinan City, all public hospitals to implement zero profit drug sales, to adjust the price of medical services to reduce the price of a large instrument checks.
The so-called “public hospitals to implement zero profit drug sales”, the popular understanding, is the “public hospital drug purchase price will sell.” Undoubtedly, Jinan medical reform in this initiative, at the forefront of the current health care reform across the country. The positive sense at least three points: First, broke the tradition of medical drugs to support medical style, conducive to promoting health care reform to develop in depth; the second is drug sales profits are limited, there is no pursuit of profit hospital space, conducive to medicines Press need to purchase, profits can be avoided by purchasing the size of the shortcomings of this purchase life-saving drugs, cheap drugs, etc., and other sales and use, no doubt is a great promotion of power; the third is by purchase price to sell the drug, the patient incurred related drugs will no doubt be greatly cut prices, which will help reduce the health care costs for patients and stress.
Therefore, Jinan City, all public hospitals to implement zero profit drug sales, this is a win-win initiatives, which deserve praise point, it is worth the wait. But at the same time, we need to see that in public hospitals by purchase price to sell the drug reform, there are some possible “under the policy to” the problem, obviously still have to defense.