Medical Representatives Strive to Make Transformation

In 1996, Li Peng professional learning biochemistry (pseudonym) graduated from college, entered the pharmaceutical and became a medical representative, “At that time nobody discriminatory medical representatives, doctors are very good deal, a little activity on the line, please eat or delivery point fruit, send Heyan, doctors are quite happy. “in 2000, the situation began to change,” the doctor are medical representatives were spoiled, “invited him to dinner does not work, they begin to make travel, then to go abroad, the final step is to fight the red and rebates.

Li Peng in the impression that in the 1990s, a woman find her husband preferred to do business and sell drugs, because of the high income. “At the time of the monthly wage is five or six hundred, and pharmaceutical representatives earn fourteen thousand five thousand a month, I was up to seventeen thousand, is 30 times the ordinary people.”

Li Peng said, for fear of medicine will eat the dead, ordinary people can not sell drugs to get involved in this trade, so start doing basic medical representatives are college graduates. But because of “too much money”, and combined with the industry there is no threshold, no matter know anything about medicine, more and more people began to flood the market competition also will be more intense.

Increasingly competitive consequences is that by 2004, Li Peng was feeling social discrimination began medical representatives, and evaluation of public opinion is very bad. Because often the “band of gold sales” and “health care corruption” linked together into a pharmaceutical representatives criticized by the general public groups.

Deep Inspection of Pharmaceutical Retail Enterprises

To strengthen drug retail enterprises standardize their management and enhance our region’s drug safety level, and vigorously promote prescription drugs strictly on prescription sales regulations, recently Midong (Health) Food and Drug Administration to carry out drug safety in the region’s drug retail enterprises an examination.
The inspection focused on whether strict prescription drug prescription sales, whether the drug should be cryopreserved according to the package insert prescribed storage conditions, the existence of drugs purchased from illegal sources and other illegal activities. By conducting a special inspection of the area to find out the situation of the pharmaceutical market, lay a solid foundation for the whole year drug safety.
In the actual inspection, law enforcement officers will inspect and supervise the training and education of employees together, starting from the norms of behavior of employees, telling them how to do what to do, what kind of behavior is prohibited.
Do a good job training of employees at the same time, inspectors insist on starting from the interests of the masses, will always give top priority to the quality and safety of drugs, may affect the safe use of drugs without prescription sales of prescription drugs, do not follow the instructions of drugs prescribed medicines storage conditions, purchase of medicines from illegal sources and other acts included in the inspection focused strictly punished.

Illegal Business Vaccine Has Been Stopped On Time

National Health and Family Planning Commission spokesman Huang Xiong 23 when responding to illegal business vaccine wide social concern expressed by the case, judged from the current analysis, the suspected abnormal reaction to vaccination number of cases were found.

Xiong Huang said that the current national health Planning Commission is maintaining close communication with the authorities, and to ask local health health department and contact the relevant departments, and resolutely investigate and deal with illegal purchase and use of a second class vaccine behavior. Meanwhile, the National Planning Commission health experts on the incident was judged from the country suspected vaccination abnormal reaction reporting information management system analysis, case of suspected vaccination abnormal reaction increases were found.

He explained that the first category vaccine in national immunization programs of public interest provided free by the government for use in accordance with the provisions of government procurement procurement by CDC to distribute vaccination units under cold chain conditions.

Xiong Huang, the State Planning Commission requires all local health health health department continues to investigate the issue with the relevant departments of the flow of vaccine and the use of proper risk assessment, to take relevant measures to ensure the protection of public health.

State Food and Drug Administration of 23 issued a notice that, after hearing the report, the company involved in pharmaceutical products on the flow of self-examination and found no drugs involved from drug manufacturers flow directly into illicit channels. According to the information provided by pharmaceutical manufacturers, confirmed the initial portion of their status offline clues.