Medical Institutions and Hospitals Should be Separated

In Chinese medicine to support medical institutions, hospitals and doctor’s interests need to be compensated by selling drugs. Public medical institutions in fiscal revenue accounted for only about 10% through the sale of medicines and hospitals need to provide medical services to maintain the normal operation of the hospital. Public medical institutions in the pharmaceutical income accounted for nearly 90%, while pharmaceutical revenue is about 45% of sales of drugs.

Lead to drugs to support medical drugs in total sales of nearly 80% in sales of medical institutions. In recent years, the proportion and appears slightly upward trend, from 70% in 2007 and gradually increased to 13 years 77%.

Unlike the United States of drugs to support medical system, its channel structure of the pharmaceutical market and China the opposite. US prescription drug sales in the medical institutions accounted for less than 30%, more than 70 percent of prescription drugs to achieve sales in the retail channel.

Monopoly medical channels to allow the pharmaceutical major sales in this lengthy and inefficient channels. Hospital sources supply chain lengthy and complex, and there are more participants have the monopoly of resources, high transaction costs. In contrast, under a flat and efficient retail pharmacy chain in each participant in a highly competitive environment, competition and improve efficiency.

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Company Needs More Funds in the Next 2 Years

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Company 9 released fiscal year 2015 financial results, for foreign tourists increased sales over the previous fiscal year of 2.3 billion yen ninety percent, amounting to 4.3 billion yen (about 260 million yuan), total sales about 3% of the amount. “Burst buy” also played a leading role in the company’s profits to refresh the record.

In addition attached to the forehead of the “cooling paste”, the food. “Nattokinase” for bronchitis pharmaceuticals “Qing Fei Tang pellet” and many other products are also very popular. President Hiroshi Kobayashi at the press conference held in Osaka, said: “the acclaimed best-selling products, and in the store are considered interesting products are also popular.”

Kobayashi president said that in order to get involved in the field of electricity supplier in China and the United States, the expansion of store sales, also plans to promote the process of acquisition of local businesses.

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical fiscal year 2015 net profit increased by 8.2%, amounting to 13.4 billion yen, a record high. The company’s net profit for 18 consecutive years over the previous fiscal year. Sales rose 6.9 percent to 137.2 billion yen.

A Man from Putian Sold Fake Pills through Local Doctors

Since Zhu took office, the brains enrichment. Period, he found that many male patients suffering from post-reproductive system diseases are hard to say, is also based on treatment, on the germination of the manufacture and sale of counterfeit medicines idea, because there is no formula and preparation technology, Zhu will return to their home, and through the local Soil doctor obtain so-called “formula”, and then go back to Yinchuan recruiting a number of “medicine technician,” a ward on weekdays and transformed into dens of fraud, stem from swindling acts.

In these people, “study”, the first drug available, and in some patients as a test of the efficacy of the product, and found that the drug can not cure the disease but also that is not life. January 1, 2015 to July 15, 2015 during the day, Zhu did not get in “medical preparations permit” formulation and approval number of the premise, carrying been affiliated units, fried Chinese medicine based on a fixed prescription sold to patients, and Zhong Yao preparations were identified as “prostatitis No. 1,” “2, benign prostatic hyperplasia,” “Yang rash, premature ejaculation No. 1, No. 2,” “anti-viral No. 2” and other five so-called Chinese medicine preparation for sale, the number of unknown number.

August 13 the same year, the public security authorities and market regulators, according to the unified deployment of the superior crack down on IPR infringement action, combined with the relevant industry spot checks, so Zhu suspected of producing and selling fake drugs case finally surfaced , the amount of counterfeit verified its sales up to 22.4 million yuan by selling counterfeit prescription documents piling up.

Unfortunately, when law enforcement officers seized counterfeit dens, Zhu just errands, and then he fled to remote negative case. April 20, when Zhu fled to Nanning railway station was arrested by the local police and transferred to the incident according to the law Yinchuan. After the trial, Zhu truthfully account for their crimes. Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region has been identified and Drug Administration said in a formulation are counterfeit. As for the whereabouts of the counterfeit sales ideas and specific illicit money involved, the police follow it, and are looking to be recovered in accordance with law. May 9, Zhu suspected of producing and selling counterfeit crime, was Xingqing District Procuratorate approved the arrest.

Drug Stores Need to Sell Medicines Freely

I believe many people have had the same experience and Yang, that is sick to go to the drugstore to buy a bunch of drugs, not eating disease medicine results have been good, the rest of the drugs only at home, will be a long time expired, even if sick again, can no longer take the last throw only trouble. While there is no accurate statistics, but presumably it is across the country, every year because people buy endless pharmaceutical waste drugs, must be a huge number, this is a tremendous waste of medical resources, and the remaining drug is discarded, if not handled properly, there are still contaminated soil, water and the environment and so on.

When we are sick go to the hospital to seek medical treatment, and sometimes the doctor will resume according to our condition and physical condition put some whole box of medicines apart to open to us, such as a box of two plates drugs, doctors only give us a start board; a board has 10 drugs, the doctor will only give us five. As a result, not only can help patients save money, but also to avoid the waste of resources and the remaining drugs, nature is worthy of recognition. And such a doctor, patients are often able to get affirmation and recognition.

Then the consumers themselves to the pharmacy to buy medicine, drugstores Why can not according to the needs of consumers, unbundling it? In fact, it not can not, is unwilling. For the vast majority of pharmacy sales of drugs, in addition to individual bottles of liquid drugs is difficult unbundling outside, into the bag, into the box, granulated drugs can all be open retail. But standing in pharmacy point of view, but the lack of medicines unbundling of power: on the one hand, more and more pharmacies are selling drugs, the higher the profit, the more earn, while unbundling is bound to affect sales in pharmacies; other on the one hand, according to the national “Drug quality management specification” requirements, unbundling of drugs not only to focus on store counters or unbundled area, but also provides for strict sales process, management practices, which also increased the invisible pharmacy operation and management costs.