Internet+ Helps Promote Health Products

Reporters learned that field survey, more than 60% of the current Yao Jiaohui businesses are using the Internet platform to promote their own drugs, special drugs and health care products, promotion of virtual market and physical market, integration of the development of modern means of marketing and traditional marketing tools to achieve Medicines and Health Products synchronize sales online and offline.
According to the president of the Association of Inner Mongolia Exhibition Road Gao introduced, Hohhot Medicines and Health Products Fair accordance with the “multi-platform stop” mode of operation development, and gradually form a “Yao Jiaohui pharmaceutical agent + + Internet + consumer” chain, dramatically reducing medicine health products marketing costs, to further suppress the problem to hold down prices.

Gao said the road, with the “Internet +” to promote health products mode Yaojiao Hui national pharmaceutical companies to build free trade platform, and gradually break business well-known pharmaceutical and healthcare products companies monopolies, promoting the national pharmaceutical and health products trading open, transparent, so that consumers really benefit.

It is understood that 18 years have been held in Hohhot, “Yao Jiaohui” is the industry known as “Mongolian Trade Fair”, held annually except in Hohhot, still Harbin, Zhengzhou, Hangzhou, Nanchang and other cities held now become the country medicine and health products exhibition in the brand new services.

Control Illegal Circulation of Drugs

Drugs wholesale segment, will focus on remediation illegal for others to manage drugs provide venues, qualification documents, notes and other conditions; no individual or “drug production license”, “Drug License” purchases drugs; no legitimate qualifications to units or individuals selling drugs, drug retailers to sell the vaccine, knows or should know of others still engaged in providing unlicensed drugs; counterfeit drug procurement sources, fictional drug sales flow, tampering with computer systems, temperature and humidity monitoring system data, hide real buying and selling drugs keep records, notes, documents, and other data, drug purchasing, records are incomplete, untrue, business activities can not be traced; when selling drugs, certificate (license), tickets (invoices, bills accompanied with the goods), Post ( Real accounts, financial accounts), goods (pharmaceuticals in kind), money (money) does not correspond to coincide with each other. No storage of drugs, set up extra accounts, pharmaceutical companies are not included in the quality management system, the use of personal bank accounts to conduct business and other circumstances; narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and medicines containing special compound preparation into illegal channels, or cash transactions; in drugs approved storage place other than the address; failure to provide for drug storage, transportation, temperature and humidity monitoring; unauthorized changes in registered address, mode of operation, scope of business sale of pharmaceuticals; the drug retail business, the clinic did not do drug sales and sales invoice with the passage of goods and other illegal activities 10.

In the pharmaceutical retail segment, focusing on remediation of whether illegal recycling and sale of drugs; whether illegal arbitrage Medicare drug; whether a drug operation from no qualified individual or illegal Internet purchases drugs; whether drug store chain headquarters unified purchase and distribution; medicines purchase, sale , if the implementation of computer memory management; whether prescription or non-prescription sale of homemade compound preparations containing codeine, tramadol, etc. must be obtained by prescription sales of special management and specialized management of medicines; whether the requirement to sell containing ephedrine compound preparation and other specialized Drug management; or whether out of range super way trade of pharmaceuticals; drug storage temperature display for compliance; pharmacist whether working in the post purchase medicines and other 10 channels of illegal behavior.

Yantai Food and Drug Administration official said, corporate self-examination work on May 31 ended. Pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises should since July 1, 2013 Pharmaceutical business conduct self-examination control these problems one by one, the existence of serious problems develop corrective measures and plans to form a self-examination and rectification report submitted to the seat of drug regulatory authorities. Pharmaceutical retail enterprises should control the “Drug quality management specification” requirement, focusing on self-examination and associated pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises account goods purchased ticket business is consistent, never put an end to the hands of qualification units or individuals purchase drugs.

Search Valid Drugs’ Information on Authorised Platform Made by Goverment

On March 10, reporters from the Shenyang Municipal Government Information Office held a press briefing was informed that this year, Shenyang Food and Drug Administration in a sound and comprehensive drug and medical device manufacturers-site supervision, pharmaceutical enterprises based on electronic monitoring, will comprehensively promote the geographic information system (GIS) platform.

Run on a pilot basis, accelerating the butt fusion geographic information system (GIS) and office automation systems, to further improve the business-related information, to ensure that the city’s food and drug production and management of enterprise information map visualization. 2016, Shenyang Food and Drug Administration will Equipments ventures electronic monitoring systems and GIS mapping system as the basis, to create a real-time check of drug sales information by mobile APP software “consumers in easy” intelligent purchase of medicines platform to facilitate people purchase of medicines.
This year, Shenyang will focus on school canteens, while driving and social enterprises canteen catering units next bright kitchen stoves transformation. 2015 Shenyang completed 625 school canteens (including nurseries) to complete engineered. 2016 Shenyang will implement the food service units “Ming kitchen bright kitchen” work and daily supervision, quantitative classification management, work combine to create a demonstration, strengthen supervision catering units permit access to qualified, licensed and unlicensed eliminate outdated phenomenon, increase catering units risk prevention and control efforts.

It will also carry out health food, cosmetics, security risks, management, corrective action, to strengthen the regulation and supervision of production enterprises source sampling, focus on strengthening the health food shops (including Internet sales) and “conference” Marketing, ultra-large cosmetics business Beauty body cosmetics use experience selling medical equipment and other industries with a “hidden rules” special inspection of the outstanding problems, crack down on illegal activities, to ensure product quality and safety.