Internet+ Helps Promote Health Products

Reporters learned that field survey, more than 60% of the current Yao Jiaohui businesses are using the Internet platform to promote their own drugs, special drugs and health care products, promotion of virtual market and physical market, integration of the development of modern means of marketing and traditional marketing tools to achieve Medicines and Health Products synchronize sales online and offline.
According to the president of the Association of Inner Mongolia Exhibition Road Gao introduced, Hohhot Medicines and Health Products Fair accordance with the “multi-platform stop” mode of operation development, and gradually form a “Yao Jiaohui pharmaceutical agent + + Internet + consumer” chain, dramatically reducing medicine health products marketing costs, to further suppress the problem to hold down prices.

Gao said the road, with the “Internet +” to promote health products mode Yaojiao Hui national pharmaceutical companies to build free trade platform, and gradually break business well-known pharmaceutical and healthcare products companies monopolies, promoting the national pharmaceutical and health products trading open, transparent, so that consumers really benefit.

It is understood that 18 years have been held in Hohhot, “Yao Jiaohui” is the industry known as “Mongolian Trade Fair”, held annually except in Hohhot, still Harbin, Zhengzhou, Hangzhou, Nanchang and other cities held now become the country medicine and health products exhibition in the brand new services.

Medical Institutions and Hospitals Should be Separated

In Chinese medicine to support medical institutions, hospitals and doctor’s interests need to be compensated by selling drugs. Public medical institutions in fiscal revenue accounted for only about 10% through the sale of medicines and hospitals need to provide medical services to maintain the normal operation of the hospital. Public medical institutions in the pharmaceutical income accounted for nearly 90%, while pharmaceutical revenue is about 45% of sales of drugs.

Lead to drugs to support medical drugs in total sales of nearly 80% in sales of medical institutions. In recent years, the proportion and appears slightly upward trend, from 70% in 2007 and gradually increased to 13 years 77%.

Unlike the United States of drugs to support medical system, its channel structure of the pharmaceutical market and China the opposite. US prescription drug sales in the medical institutions accounted for less than 30%, more than 70 percent of prescription drugs to achieve sales in the retail channel.

Monopoly medical channels to allow the pharmaceutical major sales in this lengthy and inefficient channels. Hospital sources supply chain lengthy and complex, and there are more participants have the monopoly of resources, high transaction costs. In contrast, under a flat and efficient retail pharmacy chain in each participant in a highly competitive environment, competition and improve efficiency.

Medical Representatives Strive to Make Transformation

In 1996, Li Peng professional learning biochemistry (pseudonym) graduated from college, entered the pharmaceutical and became a medical representative, “At that time nobody discriminatory medical representatives, doctors are very good deal, a little activity on the line, please eat or delivery point fruit, send Heyan, doctors are quite happy. “in 2000, the situation began to change,” the doctor are medical representatives were spoiled, “invited him to dinner does not work, they begin to make travel, then to go abroad, the final step is to fight the red and rebates.

Li Peng in the impression that in the 1990s, a woman find her husband preferred to do business and sell drugs, because of the high income. “At the time of the monthly wage is five or six hundred, and pharmaceutical representatives earn fourteen thousand five thousand a month, I was up to seventeen thousand, is 30 times the ordinary people.”

Li Peng said, for fear of medicine will eat the dead, ordinary people can not sell drugs to get involved in this trade, so start doing basic medical representatives are college graduates. But because of “too much money”, and combined with the industry there is no threshold, no matter know anything about medicine, more and more people began to flood the market competition also will be more intense.

Increasingly competitive consequences is that by 2004, Li Peng was feeling social discrimination began medical representatives, and evaluation of public opinion is very bad. Because often the “band of gold sales” and “health care corruption” linked together into a pharmaceutical representatives criticized by the general public groups.

Ali Controls Retail Data

Pushing up costs is the first pharmaceutical retail business pain points of each enterprise. Shandong Shu Yu civilians pharmacy chain Co., Ltd., Li Wenjie said publicly that, if fully implemented Drug Code, which total more than 760 stores in more than 10 million one-time investment.

Cost increases, the efficiency may decrease. Lee can be said, “Unlike the bar code scanning and production batch number, pharmaceutical code scanning is two note two pins, drug storage to sweep, to sweep out the warehouse business; sale to sweep, and then also to the electronic monitoring network and then log off, more troublesome is that each case must be drug sweep, a lot of work. ”

As medicines traceability system, Lee can be explained to reporters, as long as do top-level design, by the original batch of drugs, pharmaceuticals traceability barcode can achieve, no need to do a much needless repetition Drug Code.

However, none of these problems lies the key. Right hand operation code Drug Ali pharmaceutical distribution industry, health is a real apprehension lies.

“If you do not stand out against the strong push Drug Code, there is no prospect of the industry, there is no way out. This is the real reason we want to prosecute.” Lee can be said that if the industry is to master all data a business, but a competitor, the right to life and death on all pinch in the other hand, may at any time by the other party “strangled.”

Promote the Long Development of Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical companies operating in the electricity business has just started, a lot of medicine and medical vendors to focus on the online business platform construction, and other aspects of the integration of offline channels, efficient medicine and medical resources online and offline collaborative become a force in key areas . But medicine electricity supplier in order to long-term development, to be adhering to the “Five-style” operation, in order to promote the smooth development of their own medicine electricity supplier operations.

Pharmaceutical products as a patient just need the product, the patients themselves for pharmaceutical brands and products the right to choose is very small, it needs to listen to more diagnoses of doctors, treatment guidelines, so as to better relieve pain, reduce suffering, of course, some of the OTC medicines thanks to its relatively mature varieties of disease, patients with symptoms of self-awareness is high and other reasons, its dependence on hospital doctors gradually reduced, even in patients with OTC medicines also hope to effectively guide the doctor. No matter what type of drugs, doctor-patient communication is required through the process, doctors diagnose the patient’s condition requires face to face, and other symptoms, patients need to listen to the doctor’s treatment recommendations, medication guidance, efficient interaction between doctors and patients is a community medicine electricity supplier one of the key trends of development.

Community doctors and patients have their independence and value demands, more doctors hope patients can describe the condition, symptoms feedback, or customize your own diagnosis, or by team / community joint consultation, to provide better patient better treatment recommendations, provide patients with a variety of treatment methods and medication guide; and more patients want to know the extent of their condition, medication characteristics and adverse reactions, so as to better promote and improve the condition of self-healing.

Community doctors and patients will also influence each other, promote each other. Chinese have a saying called “chronic illness into health,” the patient has been ill for a long time, years of independent clinics at the same time, often in the same disease group discussions help in patients, which will form their own “empirical treatment advocated” , and thus expand the condition with the doctor and discuss treatment options discussed, the doctor must also continue with its interactive, in order to better promote the improvement of the condition, the doctor-patient community can be said to influence each other, promote each other.

How Should Medicine Companies Promote Their Products?

But now, with the State Council executive meeting of the Prime Minister set the tone, “the implementation of two-vote system” and May 1, “Camp changed to increase the full implementation”, once embedded exploding mines were detonated, powerful straight into the sky, fires spread Feishazoudan . Following this, the pharmaceutical industry over the haze also struck, medicine man is a shadow heart stopper.

If that implementation of two-vote system, the pharmaceutical industry will significantly increase the total cost, the price of pharmaceutical agents to the overall rise, a large number of agents based business phased out, municipal or commercial distribution model will face new opportunities, low-cost agent industrial enterprises face enormous challenges, scalping by commercial companies to survive the loss of the original value, pharmaceutical companies how to meet the New Deal, agents will go, how to survive natural state will change?

Marketing model transformation operations difficult! Taxation deductible note processing difficult! Part of medicine in the hearts of all people sleep and cry, as if the nightmare has already begun. Pharmaceutical companies, opening back, go vote for votes, financial processing and other marketing commission cashback acts will face severe challenges. The pharmaceutical industry in a new round of reshuffle in the nightmare drama staged again.

Investment agency business marketing model, the implementation of the “two-vote” system and comprehensive implementation of the “Camp changed by” under the new system environment, how to share the increased taxes to reduce the corporate tax burden, how to extract a lot of cash back commission, how to find deductible legal bills? Pharmaceutical industry, commercial enterprises how to deal with the “two-vote system + camp changed to increase,” the full implementation?

Reboot the System of Electronic Supervision of Medicines

Although the observations made without forcing companies to accept designated professional information technology services companies retroactively, but it does not mean that companies do not need to set up a business traceability system, “draft” clearly “establish the Food and Drug traceability system is the main responsibility of enterprises “at the same time, in the future” flying inspection “, the construction and operation of enterprise traceability system is also available as part of the inspection to follow up.

Clear traceability system is to collect record production, distribution, consumption and other aspects of information, their sources to be investigated, whereabouts can be traced, liability may investigate, effective measures to strengthen the whole process of quality and safety management and risk control. By 2020, the standard planning system has been improved traceability system construction, further improve laws and regulations; national unity shared the blame data exchange mechanisms underlying the formation of the initial realization of the relevant departments, regions and enterprises sharing traceability information exchange;

Specific to pharmaceutical applications (in fact, including medical devices) is required in order to promote all varieties of drugs, the whole process of tracing and supervision as the main content, build a perfect medicines traceability system. Upon completion of drugs of varieties of electronic monitoring, and gradually extended to the drug (wood), Pieces and other types of drugs. Grasp the business aspects of electronic monitoring work full coverage, promote health care information systems and electronic monitoring national drug docking system, the formation of all varieties, the whole process of complete traceability and regulatory chain.

Big Deal Made by Dongcheng Pharmacy Company

Company intends to 31,500 million price issue of shares and payment of cash to buy a 70% stake in Thai Biological its total holdings to Xinde Fang, Xinli Kun and other eight individuals. Equity and cash to purchase issued shares held by a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hong Kong-East, after the completion of the acquisition, biological and Thailand will become a subsidiary of Hong Kong-East. At the same time, 83.5% stake in the company to 6,513 million copper prices XINGPENG issue of shares and payment of cash benefits to buy their holdings of Thai medicine, after the completion of the acquisition, the benefits of Thai medicine will become a subsidiary of East-medicine.

In order to improve the integration of performance, the company intends to not more than 10 other specific investors to issue shares to raise matching funds 38,000 yuan, the total funds raised matching assets to be purchased does not exceed 100% of the transaction price. Issued shares to buy assets and raise matching funds are the reserve price 36.21 yuan / share.

The issue of shares and payment of cash to acquire a 70% stake in Thai biology and the acquisition of 83.5% stake in Thai medicine are not mutually beneficial premise implementation of any transaction does not affect the implementation of another transaction. The restructuring does not constitute a major asset restructuring.

CFDA Regulates Medical Enterprises More Hardly

Clinical trials of self-examination, verification and anxiety in the industry questioned vigorously promote and usher in the climax of the withdrawal of drug registration, as of March 1, 2016, document number 1622 in the 1171 Drug application for registration has been withdrawn by the applicant registration, accounting 72.2% of the total number of self-examination, another 24 drug registration application CFDA disapproval, accounting for 1.5% of the total self-examination.

On March 28, 2016, CFDA promulgated the “drug clinical trial data verification procedures (provisional)”, self-examination and clinical trials into the normalization. April 29, 2016, CFDA publish the results of the third round of review, there are seven companies six drug applications not approved registration, no CRO enterprises to enter the list. Three down and review, a total of 30 pharmaceutical companies to apply for registration 29 products for various reasons will not be approved.

Event Comments: This is a crisis for the CRO business, it is a challenge and an opportunity. As medical research Haitong think, CRO industry is in the worst of times, it was the best of times. Clinical trials of self-examination in 2016 will gradually normalized, and the resulting short-term clinical trials institutions underpowered, but with the gradual elimination of the impact, with the resource advantages of clinical trials Clinical CRO companies will benefit from the recovery priority growth industry.

Creat International Biological Development Center

In Middle (Chengdu) international bio-pharmaceutical industry development forum, Cuban biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry groups signed a cooperation agreement with the Chengdu Hi-tech Zone, Chengdu and several well-known biopharmaceutical companies. The same day, a total of 20 billion yuan in Chengdu High-tech Zone (Middle) biological industry leading fund established officially inaugurated, marking the Chengdu cooperation with Cuba in the field of bio-pharmaceutical industry has made new substantive progress.

Cuban biotechnology from the 1960s to the 1970s started in recent years, clinical diagnosis, biopharmaceuticals outstanding, has the world’s leading technology and achievements in vaccines, interferon and monoclonal antibodies, and other fields.

October 2015, Chengdu Mayor Tang Liang Chi led his unit visit to Cuba, visited Cuba Pharmaceutical Group President Carlos, Cuba hopes the two sides to jointly promote biomedical research and development results, and new medical technology into the team in Chengdu. December 2015, assistant mayor of Chengdu, Han Chunlin led the team to visit Cuba during the Chengdu Hi-tech Zone in Havana with the Cuban Pharmaceutical Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, agreed to build a biomedical industry park, joint research and development center, co-sponsored biomedical industry Forum and other cooperation matters. The forum, the two sides signed a cooperation agreement to further clear the joint patent portfolio development, the establishment of industrial investment funds and other details of cooperation.

January 2016, the Chengdu Municipal Government Deputy Secretary-General Qiu Haiming led the team to visit Cuba during the Chengdu Hi-tech Zone biomedical companies Austrian students, AMS Medical Group with Cuba on the new vaccine research and development production, sales and other items superconducting MRI system We reached a consensus. The forum, the two sides signed a cooperation agreement, seek complementary resources, powerful combination, bigger and stronger in the areas of strength.