Creat International Biological Development Center

In Middle (Chengdu) international bio-pharmaceutical industry development forum, Cuban biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry groups signed a cooperation agreement with the Chengdu Hi-tech Zone, Chengdu and several well-known biopharmaceutical companies. The same day, a total of 20 billion yuan in Chengdu High-tech Zone (Middle) biological industry leading fund established officially inaugurated, marking the Chengdu cooperation with Cuba in the field of bio-pharmaceutical industry has made new substantive progress.

Cuban biotechnology from the 1960s to the 1970s started in recent years, clinical diagnosis, biopharmaceuticals outstanding, has the world’s leading technology and achievements in vaccines, interferon and monoclonal antibodies, and other fields.

October 2015, Chengdu Mayor Tang Liang Chi led his unit visit to Cuba, visited Cuba Pharmaceutical Group President Carlos, Cuba hopes the two sides to jointly promote biomedical research and development results, and new medical technology into the team in Chengdu. December 2015, assistant mayor of Chengdu, Han Chunlin led the team to visit Cuba during the Chengdu Hi-tech Zone in Havana with the Cuban Pharmaceutical Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, agreed to build a biomedical industry park, joint research and development center, co-sponsored biomedical industry Forum and other cooperation matters. The forum, the two sides signed a cooperation agreement to further clear the joint patent portfolio development, the establishment of industrial investment funds and other details of cooperation.

January 2016, the Chengdu Municipal Government Deputy Secretary-General Qiu Haiming led the team to visit Cuba during the Chengdu Hi-tech Zone biomedical companies Austrian students, AMS Medical Group with Cuba on the new vaccine research and development production, sales and other items superconducting MRI system We reached a consensus. The forum, the two sides signed a cooperation agreement, seek complementary resources, powerful combination, bigger and stronger in the areas of strength.

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