Reboot the System of Electronic Supervision of Medicines

Although the observations made without forcing companies to accept designated professional information technology services companies retroactively, but it does not mean that companies do not need to set up a business traceability system, “draft” clearly “establish the Food and Drug traceability system is the main responsibility of enterprises “at the same time, in the future” flying inspection “, the construction and operation of enterprise traceability system is also available as part of the inspection to follow up.

Clear traceability system is to collect record production, distribution, consumption and other aspects of information, their sources to be investigated, whereabouts can be traced, liability may investigate, effective measures to strengthen the whole process of quality and safety management and risk control. By 2020, the standard planning system has been improved traceability system construction, further improve laws and regulations; national unity shared the blame data exchange mechanisms underlying the formation of the initial realization of the relevant departments, regions and enterprises sharing traceability information exchange;

Specific to pharmaceutical applications (in fact, including medical devices) is required in order to promote all varieties of drugs, the whole process of tracing and supervision as the main content, build a perfect medicines traceability system. Upon completion of drugs of varieties of electronic monitoring, and gradually extended to the drug (wood), Pieces and other types of drugs. Grasp the business aspects of electronic monitoring work full coverage, promote health care information systems and electronic monitoring national drug docking system, the formation of all varieties, the whole process of complete traceability and regulatory chain.

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