How Should Medicine Companies Promote Their Products?

But now, with the State Council executive meeting of the Prime Minister set the tone, “the implementation of two-vote system” and May 1, “Camp changed to increase the full implementation”, once embedded exploding mines were detonated, powerful straight into the sky, fires spread Feishazoudan . Following this, the pharmaceutical industry over the haze also struck, medicine man is a shadow heart stopper.

If that implementation of two-vote system, the pharmaceutical industry will significantly increase the total cost, the price of pharmaceutical agents to the overall rise, a large number of agents based business phased out, municipal or commercial distribution model will face new opportunities, low-cost agent industrial enterprises face enormous challenges, scalping by commercial companies to survive the loss of the original value, pharmaceutical companies how to meet the New Deal, agents will go, how to survive natural state will change?

Marketing model transformation operations difficult! Taxation deductible note processing difficult! Part of medicine in the hearts of all people sleep and cry, as if the nightmare has already begun. Pharmaceutical companies, opening back, go vote for votes, financial processing and other marketing commission cashback acts will face severe challenges. The pharmaceutical industry in a new round of reshuffle in the nightmare drama staged again.

Investment agency business marketing model, the implementation of the “two-vote” system and comprehensive implementation of the “Camp changed by” under the new system environment, how to share the increased taxes to reduce the corporate tax burden, how to extract a lot of cash back commission, how to find deductible legal bills? Pharmaceutical industry, commercial enterprises how to deal with the “two-vote system + camp changed to increase,” the full implementation?

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