Promote the Long Development of Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical companies operating in the electricity business has just started, a lot of medicine and medical vendors to focus on the online business platform construction, and other aspects of the integration of offline channels, efficient medicine and medical resources online and offline collaborative become a force in key areas . But medicine electricity supplier in order to long-term development, to be adhering to the “Five-style” operation, in order to promote the smooth development of their own medicine electricity supplier operations.

Pharmaceutical products as a patient just need the product, the patients themselves for pharmaceutical brands and products the right to choose is very small, it needs to listen to more diagnoses of doctors, treatment guidelines, so as to better relieve pain, reduce suffering, of course, some of the OTC medicines thanks to its relatively mature varieties of disease, patients with symptoms of self-awareness is high and other reasons, its dependence on hospital doctors gradually reduced, even in patients with OTC medicines also hope to effectively guide the doctor. No matter what type of drugs, doctor-patient communication is required through the process, doctors diagnose the patient’s condition requires face to face, and other symptoms, patients need to listen to the doctor’s treatment recommendations, medication guidance, efficient interaction between doctors and patients is a community medicine electricity supplier one of the key trends of development.

Community doctors and patients have their independence and value demands, more doctors hope patients can describe the condition, symptoms feedback, or customize your own diagnosis, or by team / community joint consultation, to provide better patient better treatment recommendations, provide patients with a variety of treatment methods and medication guide; and more patients want to know the extent of their condition, medication characteristics and adverse reactions, so as to better promote and improve the condition of self-healing.

Community doctors and patients will also influence each other, promote each other. Chinese have a saying called “chronic illness into health,” the patient has been ill for a long time, years of independent clinics at the same time, often in the same disease group discussions help in patients, which will form their own “empirical treatment advocated” , and thus expand the condition with the doctor and discuss treatment options discussed, the doctor must also continue with its interactive, in order to better promote the improvement of the condition, the doctor-patient community can be said to influence each other, promote each other.

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