Ali Controls Retail Data

Pushing up costs is the first pharmaceutical retail business pain points of each enterprise. Shandong Shu Yu civilians pharmacy chain Co., Ltd., Li Wenjie said publicly that, if fully implemented Drug Code, which total more than 760 stores in more than 10 million one-time investment.

Cost increases, the efficiency may decrease. Lee can be said, “Unlike the bar code scanning and production batch number, pharmaceutical code scanning is two note two pins, drug storage to sweep, to sweep out the warehouse business; sale to sweep, and then also to the electronic monitoring network and then log off, more troublesome is that each case must be drug sweep, a lot of work. ”

As medicines traceability system, Lee can be explained to reporters, as long as do top-level design, by the original batch of drugs, pharmaceuticals traceability barcode can achieve, no need to do a much needless repetition Drug Code.

However, none of these problems lies the key. Right hand operation code Drug Ali pharmaceutical distribution industry, health is a real apprehension lies.

“If you do not stand out against the strong push Drug Code, there is no prospect of the industry, there is no way out. This is the real reason we want to prosecute.” Lee can be said that if the industry is to master all data a business, but a competitor, the right to life and death on all pinch in the other hand, may at any time by the other party “strangled.”

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