Medical Representatives Strive to Make Transformation

In 1996, Li Peng professional learning biochemistry (pseudonym) graduated from college, entered the pharmaceutical and became a medical representative, “At that time nobody discriminatory medical representatives, doctors are very good deal, a little activity on the line, please eat or delivery point fruit, send Heyan, doctors are quite happy. “in 2000, the situation began to change,” the doctor are medical representatives were spoiled, “invited him to dinner does not work, they begin to make travel, then to go abroad, the final step is to fight the red and rebates.

Li Peng in the impression that in the 1990s, a woman find her husband preferred to do business and sell drugs, because of the high income. “At the time of the monthly wage is five or six hundred, and pharmaceutical representatives earn fourteen thousand five thousand a month, I was up to seventeen thousand, is 30 times the ordinary people.”

Li Peng said, for fear of medicine will eat the dead, ordinary people can not sell drugs to get involved in this trade, so start doing basic medical representatives are college graduates. But because of “too much money”, and combined with the industry there is no threshold, no matter know anything about medicine, more and more people began to flood the market competition also will be more intense.

Increasingly competitive consequences is that by 2004, Li Peng was feeling social discrimination began medical representatives, and evaluation of public opinion is very bad. Because often the “band of gold sales” and “health care corruption” linked together into a pharmaceutical representatives criticized by the general public groups.

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