Internet+ Helps Promote Health Products

Reporters learned that field survey, more than 60% of the current Yao Jiaohui businesses are using the Internet platform to promote their own drugs, special drugs and health care products, promotion of virtual market and physical market, integration of the development of modern means of marketing and traditional marketing tools to achieve Medicines and Health Products synchronize sales online and offline.
According to the president of the Association of Inner Mongolia Exhibition Road Gao introduced, Hohhot Medicines and Health Products Fair accordance with the “multi-platform stop” mode of operation development, and gradually form a “Yao Jiaohui pharmaceutical agent + + Internet + consumer” chain, dramatically reducing medicine health products marketing costs, to further suppress the problem to hold down prices.

Gao said the road, with the “Internet +” to promote health products mode Yaojiao Hui national pharmaceutical companies to build free trade platform, and gradually break business well-known pharmaceutical and healthcare products companies monopolies, promoting the national pharmaceutical and health products trading open, transparent, so that consumers really benefit.

It is understood that 18 years have been held in Hohhot, “Yao Jiaohui” is the industry known as “Mongolian Trade Fair”, held annually except in Hohhot, still Harbin, Zhengzhou, Hangzhou, Nanchang and other cities held now become the country medicine and health products exhibition in the brand new services.

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