Control Illegal Circulation of Drugs

Drugs wholesale segment, will focus on remediation illegal for others to manage drugs provide venues, qualification documents, notes and other conditions; no individual or “drug production license”, “Drug License” purchases drugs; no legitimate qualifications to units or individuals selling drugs, drug retailers to sell the vaccine, knows or should know of others still engaged in providing unlicensed drugs; counterfeit drug procurement sources, fictional drug sales flow, tampering with computer systems, temperature and humidity monitoring system data, hide real buying and selling drugs keep records, notes, documents, and other data, drug purchasing, records are incomplete, untrue, business activities can not be traced; when selling drugs, certificate (license), tickets (invoices, bills accompanied with the goods), Post ( Real accounts, financial accounts), goods (pharmaceuticals in kind), money (money) does not correspond to coincide with each other. No storage of drugs, set up extra accounts, pharmaceutical companies are not included in the quality management system, the use of personal bank accounts to conduct business and other circumstances; narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and medicines containing special compound preparation into illegal channels, or cash transactions; in drugs approved storage place other than the address; failure to provide for drug storage, transportation, temperature and humidity monitoring; unauthorized changes in registered address, mode of operation, scope of business sale of pharmaceuticals; the drug retail business, the clinic did not do drug sales and sales invoice with the passage of goods and other illegal activities 10.

In the pharmaceutical retail segment, focusing on remediation of whether illegal recycling and sale of drugs; whether illegal arbitrage Medicare drug; whether a drug operation from no qualified individual or illegal Internet purchases drugs; whether drug store chain headquarters unified purchase and distribution; medicines purchase, sale , if the implementation of computer memory management; whether prescription or non-prescription sale of homemade compound preparations containing codeine, tramadol, etc. must be obtained by prescription sales of special management and specialized management of medicines; whether the requirement to sell containing ephedrine compound preparation and other specialized Drug management; or whether out of range super way trade of pharmaceuticals; drug storage temperature display for compliance; pharmacist whether working in the post purchase medicines and other 10 channels of illegal behavior.

Yantai Food and Drug Administration official said, corporate self-examination work on May 31 ended. Pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises should since July 1, 2013 Pharmaceutical business conduct self-examination control these problems one by one, the existence of serious problems develop corrective measures and plans to form a self-examination and rectification report submitted to the seat of drug regulatory authorities. Pharmaceutical retail enterprises should control the “Drug quality management specification” requirement, focusing on self-examination and associated pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises account goods purchased ticket business is consistent, never put an end to the hands of qualification units or individuals purchase drugs.

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Company Needs More Funds in the Next 2 Years

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Company 9 released fiscal year 2015 financial results, for foreign tourists increased sales over the previous fiscal year of 2.3 billion yen ninety percent, amounting to 4.3 billion yen (about 260 million yuan), total sales about 3% of the amount. “Burst buy” also played a leading role in the company’s profits to refresh the record.

In addition attached to the forehead of the “cooling paste”, the food. “Nattokinase” for bronchitis pharmaceuticals “Qing Fei Tang pellet” and many other products are also very popular. President Hiroshi Kobayashi at the press conference held in Osaka, said: “the acclaimed best-selling products, and in the store are considered interesting products are also popular.”

Kobayashi president said that in order to get involved in the field of electricity supplier in China and the United States, the expansion of store sales, also plans to promote the process of acquisition of local businesses.

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical fiscal year 2015 net profit increased by 8.2%, amounting to 13.4 billion yen, a record high. The company’s net profit for 18 consecutive years over the previous fiscal year. Sales rose 6.9 percent to 137.2 billion yen.

A Man from Putian Sold Fake Pills through Local Doctors

Since Zhu took office, the brains enrichment. Period, he found that many male patients suffering from post-reproductive system diseases are hard to say, is also based on treatment, on the germination of the manufacture and sale of counterfeit medicines idea, because there is no formula and preparation technology, Zhu will return to their home, and through the local Soil doctor obtain so-called “formula”, and then go back to Yinchuan recruiting a number of “medicine technician,” a ward on weekdays and transformed into dens of fraud, stem from swindling acts.

In these people, “study”, the first drug available, and in some patients as a test of the efficacy of the product, and found that the drug can not cure the disease but also that is not life. January 1, 2015 to July 15, 2015 during the day, Zhu did not get in “medical preparations permit” formulation and approval number of the premise, carrying been affiliated units, fried Chinese medicine based on a fixed prescription sold to patients, and Zhong Yao preparations were identified as “prostatitis No. 1,” “2, benign prostatic hyperplasia,” “Yang rash, premature ejaculation No. 1, No. 2,” “anti-viral No. 2” and other five so-called Chinese medicine preparation for sale, the number of unknown number.

August 13 the same year, the public security authorities and market regulators, according to the unified deployment of the superior crack down on IPR infringement action, combined with the relevant industry spot checks, so Zhu suspected of producing and selling fake drugs case finally surfaced , the amount of counterfeit verified its sales up to 22.4 million yuan by selling counterfeit prescription documents piling up.

Unfortunately, when law enforcement officers seized counterfeit dens, Zhu just errands, and then he fled to remote negative case. April 20, when Zhu fled to Nanning railway station was arrested by the local police and transferred to the incident according to the law Yinchuan. After the trial, Zhu truthfully account for their crimes. Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region has been identified and Drug Administration said in a formulation are counterfeit. As for the whereabouts of the counterfeit sales ideas and specific illicit money involved, the police follow it, and are looking to be recovered in accordance with law. May 9, Zhu suspected of producing and selling counterfeit crime, was Xingqing District Procuratorate approved the arrest.

Deep Inspection of Pharmaceutical Retail Enterprises

To strengthen drug retail enterprises standardize their management and enhance our region’s drug safety level, and vigorously promote prescription drugs strictly on prescription sales regulations, recently Midong (Health) Food and Drug Administration to carry out drug safety in the region’s drug retail enterprises an examination.
The inspection focused on whether strict prescription drug prescription sales, whether the drug should be cryopreserved according to the package insert prescribed storage conditions, the existence of drugs purchased from illegal sources and other illegal activities. By conducting a special inspection of the area to find out the situation of the pharmaceutical market, lay a solid foundation for the whole year drug safety.
In the actual inspection, law enforcement officers will inspect and supervise the training and education of employees together, starting from the norms of behavior of employees, telling them how to do what to do, what kind of behavior is prohibited.
Do a good job training of employees at the same time, inspectors insist on starting from the interests of the masses, will always give top priority to the quality and safety of drugs, may affect the safe use of drugs without prescription sales of prescription drugs, do not follow the instructions of drugs prescribed medicines storage conditions, purchase of medicines from illegal sources and other acts included in the inspection focused strictly punished.

The Top Ten Pharmaceutical Drugs Sold Out in Market

Recently, the China Pharmaceutical Technology Development Center issued the “2015 national sample of hospital drug procurement list” for 2015 national hospital procurement varieties made a detailed analysis of the situation, at the same time, in order to show you all the key categories of the top ten pharmaceutical sales variety, the overall purchases of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies and so on.

Although the pharmaceutical industry has been hailed as a sunrise industry will never decline, but in recent years, was frequently broke poison capsule, drug recall, sector bribery, fraud and other negative news clinical data to the pharmaceutical industry sounded the alarm, plus various policies introduced one by one, the pharmaceutical industry is also faced with the most severe reorganization.

Turbulent, ups and downs, the pharmaceutical industry ushered in a major change in 2015, a number of large pharmaceutical industry incident caused shock. As on “Thirteen Five” turning point, we take a look at the hospital pharmaceutical market in 2015, which has made achievements.

According to the report, in 2015 the national growth rate of 6.5 per cent of hospital medicine, although the relative growth rate of 16.2% in 2012 has slowed, but still maintained a more than 5% growth. Tertiary hospital as a hospital terminal’s main market, its growth trend with the national hospital treatment consistent with the 2015 growth rate of 6.6%.

Drug classification according to statistics, is still a systemic anti-infectives, anti-tumor and immunomodulatory agents, digestive and metabolic medicine, the top three, the three categories of drugs accounted for nearly half of the market as evidenced by three pharmaceutical market demand great.

Opdivo’s Eighty Percent Sales Comes from the US Market

When the United States and the other a tumor immunotherapy drugs Yervoy (ipilimumab) in the first quarter sales of $ 263 million is only one hundred, down 19%, mainly the drug as monotherapy melanoma, it is currently facing fierce from the Opdivo and Keytruda competition. Currently Opdivo and Keytruda approved in the US, as a first-line treatment of melanoma treatment, Yervoy the face of these two rivals, gradually lost market advantage. This is vividly demonstrated in the highly competitive market of new drugs, even though they have absolutely dominate the market share of the product, it will be latecomers on the replacement position. Therefore, despite the current Bristol in the absolute superiority of the United States PD-1 market, but the future can withstand pressure from other competitors Merck, Roche, AstraZeneca, etc., also need time to verify.

In addition Opdivo, Bristol United States there is a heavy weapon, which is the new oral anticoagulant Eliquis (apixaban). Eliquis is an oral selective factor Xa inhibitor, is a key factor Xa coagulation proteins, by inhibiting factor Xa, Eliquis can reduce the formation of thrombin generation and blood clots. Eliquis is the only type of stroke and systemic embolism, major bleeding, all because of three important prognostic mortality compared with warfarin showed a remarkable reduction in the risk of oral anticoagulants. Bristol-Myers once the drug is set to focus on promoting the new drug company sales to sales in the first quarter, the US does not have the time to live up to the expectations of one hundred. Eliquis (apixaban) sales doubled year on year, reaching $ 734 million, it is currently the drug is the world’s oldest 12 oral anticoagulant market.

The total US cardiovascular market sales of $ 46 billion, 47% of the share from the Bayer / Johnson & Johnson’s Xarelto (rivaroxaban), Boehringer Ingelheim’s Pradaxa (dabigatran) and Daiichi Sankyo’s Savaysa (edoxaban) in atrial fibrillation venous thromboembolism and other aspects of the market indications contribution.

Opdivo and Eliquis Both drugs sales rose to some extent offset the schizophrenia medication Abilify (aripiprazole) a sharp decline in sales caused by the loss. Abilify (aripiprazole) in sales from $ 554 million a year ago decline to $ 33 million. In addition, colon cancer drugs Erbitux (cetuximab) franchise return Eli Lilly, Bristol-Myers and is also for the loss of sales area.

Pay Special Attention to Recycle Misused Medical Trash

Recently, Taiyuan Qingxu County Food and Drug Administration to start buying and selling hit “recycled” drug special rectification action, focusing on remediation of rural, urban fringe, hospitals and other areas surrounding the purchase and sale “recycled” drug behavior.
The ad hoc campaigns focus on examination of drug wholesalers, chain headquarters, single pharmacy, franchise stores and private clinics and other units; thorough investigation of the ultra-low-cost drugs, the purchase or sale price is significantly lower than the market price of the drug and no tax bill, a but the variety variety lot more than a small number of drugs to treat diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular category and the elderly commonly used drugs, blood products, vaccines, medicines containing special compound preparations.

Special rectification actions will continue until May 31. Renovation isolated illegal acts, consistent filing standards, timely investigation, traced, a check in the end; on the need to withdraw, withdraw the GSP certificate revocation pharmaceutical business license, permit timely closing law, decertification or hanging certificate; suspected of a crime, the public security organs held criminally responsible.

Ali Health Plans to Build Up Third-party Platform for Medical Sales

Following the State Food and Drug Administration issued “Opinions on Further Improvement of the Food and Drug traceability system (draft),” Ali, vice president of health Wangpei Yu announced healthy Ali decided to build an open, market-oriented third-party traceability platform, continue to use its experience and technical capabilities in the area of ​​traceability system construction, and regulatory authorities, pharmaceutical companies, industry organizations, third-party technology service providers, and the public together to build a DU anti-counterfeit traceability ecosystem.

“For two years we have invested nearly billion in upgrading electronic drug monitoring network, because we believe that the Internet technology and big data is the most effective means of preventing counterfeit, although having some doubts and obstruction in the process, but we find false medicine ‘trouble’ of early heart has not changed. see the Administration issued a “draft”, we are willing to all sectors of industry and consumers to export our technology and data capability, the establishment of a common public participation, tracked retroactive third party system. “Wangpei Yu said.

Ali is currently planning to build a new health retroactive platform has entered the development phase, the platform version 1.0 is expected to be formally launched after a month. In order to minimize the cost of enterprises settled, the new platform will be fully compatible “Chinese Drug electronic monitoring code” technical standards, as well as former Chinese electronic drug monitoring of Internet medical institutions and pharmaceutical enterprises settled in the new platform free of charge. In addition, within the next three years, replacing Ali charged hair health code assigned to the enterprise, the cost of the flow of inquiries and other basic services retroactively, only charge for data storage, and other interface call technical support costs.

Wangpei Yu said that the retroactive basis to ensure that the new platform’s own technical support costs on the health of Ali will continue to increase investment in technology, and gradually to the code system standard, open interfaces and platform security and many other technical indicators to update and platform lower operating costs, more scalable, more feature-rich. Ali has demonstrated in health drugs electronic monitoring network operation and maintenance of strong technical strength, the report shows that in 2015, after Ali health technology infrastructure reconstruction and optimized drug electronic monitoring network, despite the increase in data than 3 years ago nearly four times the processing speed of the system but instead accelerated twenty times, greatly improving the efficiency and reduce costs.

Unsafe Slimming Pills could Not be Taken

Based on our years of experience in handling cases, this immediately so that the Bureau Inspection Brigade Rapid Response: The requirement to provide whistleblower suit slimming capsules and immediately sent sample test; contact the public security organs to identify early intervention network sales of the diet pills.

On March 8, City Drug formal inspection report, inspection of packaged products including slimming capsules potent Cellulite capsules (SLIM) and Aloe detoxification capsules (SLIM) each bottle in which potent Cellulite capsules (SLIM ) detected sibutramine hydrochloride, aloe detoxification capsules (SLIM) detection phenolphthalein, sibutramine hydrochloride.

“According to China’s relevant regulations, phenolphthalein, sibutramine hydrochloride are the property of prohibited chemicals added ingredients.” Cixi City Market Authority Inspection Brigade captain Zhang said, as prima facie evidence, they immediately contact the public security organs Hemou rental They were examined.

“This is where examination revealed Moumou engaged by mode network platform development agency product distribution activities, the scene seized a total of the above-described potent Cellulite capsules (SLIM) 309 bottles of aloe detoxification capsules (SLIM) 326 bottle.” Zhang said the captain, as do real evidence, they seized on the spot potent Cellulite detoxification aloe capsule and capsule products has conducted a sampling inspection. March 29, the test results came out, once fully consistent with the former.

Hemou informed by the question, these capsules is his privately commissioned “thousands St. Regis Biotechnology Co., Ltd.” Production, each inclusive of a potent Cellulite capsules (SLIM) bottle (400mg * 60 tablets), and aloe detoxification capsules ( SLIM) 1 bottle (400mg * 30 tablets).

The “Connect All” Mode of Medical Service Sales

Internet is to “connect all” Thunder trend sweeping the industry, redefining the whole industry, but the medical retail industry under the wave of the Internet has become a little perturbed. The reason is because the drugs are a special commodity, as a related management system based on walls erected a road policy, a moment so that no network is not broken “Internet +” short period of time is difficult to lose ground in the pharmaceutical retail industry.

But with China’s medical system reform and openness pharmaceutical market continues to deepen, “China’s pharmaceutical retail market has come to the Internet under a vent trillion market”, 111 medicine shops and De Sheng Tang says founder Longyan “Internet + traditional medicine retail giant, is a great challenge, but also a huge market opportunity, how to use the Internet + philosophy and technology upgrading our own commercial genetic achieve seamless online and offline cohesion, to provide customers with more extreme health products and services, we are able to forge ahead and not critical scattered by the wind! ”

Longyan is to say, he was at the helm of 111 pharmaceutical Pavilion de Tong is doing. May 2016 7 13:11, 111 Pharmaceutical Museum De Sheng Tang formally signed Mr. Movie Star Ho Cheng Jun, released to upgrade the brand strategy, shows the determination of 111 medicine shops and De Sheng Tang Guru Internet + pharmaceutical retail industry, confidence and strength.

Signed endorser, upgrade brand image and increase the various types of media advertising, strengthening brand awareness, which is behind the Longyan and his 111 plan of the Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine “pharmacy ecological blueprint” Construction has been formed. From the 1.0 version of the traditional medicine retail stores, fast iteration to version 4.0 pharmacy Ecology, 111 medicine museum always skating on thin ice, the continuous integration of the Internet, mobile Internet genes, a breakthrough self-innovation business model, its chain of retail pharmacies is also to achieve a “traditional stores burden mode “to” Internet advantage + mode “, the enterprise value of 111 pharmaceutical museum also further release and revaluation.